Uwe Warschkow, harmonica

Zygmunt Zgraja, Poland

A letter of the famous Polish harmonica soloist Zygmunt Zgraja, published in the German “Harmonica-Info”, no. 130/Oct. 2011

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Willi Burger, Italy

I learned a lot reading your book and I am thankful and enthusiastic that you shared your invaluable experiences with the “great master” with us.

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Walter Buchinger, Austria

The book is, as far as I know, the first and only one that gives an insight into harmonica teaching on the highest level.

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Philip Hawes, Canada

I read your book “Harmonica Lessons with Tommy Reilly” with enthusiasm. It is a great tribute to your teacher and mentor.

In particular, I appreciated your description of the lessons. It is fascinating to read in detail how Tommy Reilly instructed but also to understand the depth of interpretation that a professional musician undertakes.

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Jang Ming Cheng, Singapore

A detailed rewiew by Jang Ming Cheng, Singapore, published in the “Harmonica World” of the National Harmonica League, UK,
Oct/Nov 2010

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Andrew See, Canada

Thanks for writing such a wonderful book on Tommy Reilly Uwe. It’s a pleasure to read and I learnt a lot from the book.

Weiyi Zeng, Singapore

“I bought the book. Haven’t finish reading yet but makes me wish I was born 20 0r 30 years earlier and can go to Hammonds Wood for lessons with Tommy Reilly.”

Finn-Erik Faale, Norway

Now I have read your book. It was very inspiring. The alternation of lessons and other information around the central figure has made the book particularly thrilling.

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Manfred Hybner, Germany

Congratetulations to your book which I had already received. Such a wealth of information ….

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