Uwe Warschkow, harmonica

Philip Hawes, Canada

Dear Uwe,

I read your book “Harmonica Lessons with Tommy Reilly” with enthusiasm. It is a great tribute to your teacher and mentor.

In particular, I appreciated your description of the lessons. It is fascinating to read in detail how Tommy Reilly instructed but also to understand the depth of interpretation that a professional musician undertakes. I had a vague idea of this practice but your book makes the experience vivid and I think you were wise to concentrate on one particular piece. I have the recording of Jacob’s “Five Pieces” by Tommy with the Academy of St.Martin’s but I will pick up the score soon to greater appreciate those passages.

I am fortunate to own a copy of the “Green Book”, now called “Studies for Chromatic Harmonica”. I bought the copy from Ena Reilly in 2007 when I first started learning the harmonica. It has been helpful but, thanks to your book, I now have a better idea of how to use it. (…)

In your book, I also appreciated the anecdotes that punctuated the lessons: especially those of James Moody. I suspected from his compositions that he had a highly developed sense of humour. My ultimate musical goal (at the moment) is to play “Caprice” and “Little Suite” by Mr. Moody. I am a fan of his music. The second movement of “Sonatina” is really interesting. I think it was one of the last things he wrote and I wonder if he made any more compositions in this style?

I’m curious to hear your Norsk Munnspill Kvartett . A chamber harmonica quartet is something new for me. Would it be possible for you to put a sample of a concert on your site?

Your book came at a critical time for me. When I practice any art at all it is usually visual; thus I waver in my commitment to learning music and it is shocking how little progress I have made on my own over several years! But in your book I found the inspiration to continue and I now wish to find a teacher to help me to the next level.

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