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Table of Contents

“Harmonica Lessons with Tommy Reilly”

Table of Contents

Subject of the lessons

How it began …
Back home
“Hammonds Wood”
The first lesson: “Five Pieces – Cradle Song” – 1
Biography: Gordon Jacob
Lesson: “Green Book” – Exercise 1
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Cradle Song” – 2
Time passed as in flight …
Back in “Hammonds Wood”
Biography: Tommy Reilly MBE
Great moments for the harmonica:
- 1951 – “Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra” by Michael Spivakovsky
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Threnody”
Tea Time
“Hammonds Wood” – My Home is my Castle
Ena Reilly
“My Room”
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Caprice“ – 1
David Reilly
Great moments for the harmonica:
- 1966 – “Prelude and Dance” by Robert Farnon

Lesson: “Five Pieces – Caprice“ – 2
Sigmund Groven in “Hammonds Wood”
Biography: Sigmund Groven
Lesson: “Serenade”
Concert in Frensham
The Duo Tommy Reilly and Skaila Kanga
Biography: Skaila Kanga
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Country Dance” – 1
A visit to James Moody
Biography: James Moody
Recitals: Tommy Reilly, harmonica, and James Moody, piano
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Country Dance“ – 2
The Silver Sound of the Harmonica
The Second World War
Lesson: “Green Book” – Exercise 38
Tornado on “Hammonds Wood”
Typical James Moody
Lesson: Tone colours
Les Reed
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Country Dance“ – 3
Let’s go for a walk
Photography – a hobby
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Russian Dance” – 1
Book: “The Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields”
Great Moments for the harmonica:
- 1977 – “Tommy, harmonica, with the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields”
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Russian Dance” – 2
“Abbey Road Studios
“Peg O’My Heart“
Tommy Reilly in Concert
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Russian Dance” – 3 ”
Polle Concert Harmonica”
Biography: George Pollestad
Return to Canada
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Russian Dance” – 4
Youth Music Festival 1985 in Elverum, Norway
Recordings at Nordeutscher Rundfunk Hanover
Lesson: “Five Pieces – Russian Dance” – 5
A prestigious award:
- “Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)
Great moments for the harmonica:
- 1993 – “Tommy Reilly Plays Harmonica Concerto and Virtuoso Works“
“The Summer School of Music“ at Dartington 1998
The last years
In Memoriam: Thomas (Tommy) Reilly Rundle
- Robert White, in “The Guardian“, 28 September  200
- Larry Adler, in “The Guardian“, 28 September 2000
- Sigmund Groven: Tommy Reilly, a personal tribute

A. Tommy Reilly’s Discography
B. Sources for selected notes
C. Sources for Tommy Reilly’s CDs
D. Sources of photos – Links