Uwe Warschkow, harmonica

Tommy Reilly

In Memoriam: Tommy Reilly (21.8.1919 – 25.9.2000)

Tommy Reilly was one of the few outstanding harmonica soloists in the last century. It was mainly his contributions that the harmonica became accepted as a serious musical instrument. It was his musicianship that had convinced numerous composers to write works for him and his instrument, performed with renowned conductors and orchestras throughout the world.

He was also an excellent teacher of his instrument.

I had the fortune to get to know Tommy Reilly well. I have been a great fan of him. For more than twenty years until his passing away in 2000, I visited him for lessons. Over the time we became close friends.

As a personal tribute I wrote an e-book about my memories of him.

What kind of man was he? What has shaped his personality? What difficulties did he have to overcome until his worldwide recognition as a great musician? Who along this pass were his closest musical associates? A focus will be on his method of teaching which I decribe in detail taking the ‘Five Pieces’ by Gordon Jacob as an example.

The book is available in English and German, and can be downloaded as a pdf-file which can be read and printed out on every computer.