Uwe Warschkow, harmonica


Norsk Munnspill Kvartett

Inspired by Tommy Reilly and James Moody the “Norsk Munnspill Kvartett” was formed by Tore Reppe, Uwe Warschkow, Ola Braein, and Joergen Sagevik. We played like a string quartet only with treble and tenor harmonicas.

Memorial Concert for Larry Adler, Tommy Reilly, and Helmuth Herold
at the “World Harmonica Festival 2001″ in Trossingen/Germany.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

At the “European Harp Festival 1996″ in Trossingen/Germany.

1. “Adagio” by Samuel Barber

2. “Contrasts” by James Moody